You’ll Never Guess What These Stunning Makeup Brushes are Made From

Lisa Patulny

Turns out, most of the baby-soft brushes are made up of a mix of fibres (some are 100% vegan) with the softest of these coming from a very special kind of goat. Said goats only live in one place in China, and their hair can only be collected during a single gathering season. “It happens during their winter as the hair is longer and denser due to colder temperatures,” says Boikou. Think that’s amazing? To ensure the very softest results—the only hair taken comes from a lone point behind the goats’ ears. And only a carefully selected third of that hair will ever be used to create the final products.

If you’re expecting Zoeva brushes to be the most delightful thing you’ve ever touched, they very well could be. (Think kitten’s ear, then go even silkier.) In addition to the feel, the quality is top-notch. Every brush is handmade by a specially-trained "brush master". “Each one undergoes a manufacturing process with a minimum of 30 steps—the handles alone are lacquered six separate times,” says Boikou.

Zoeva brushes start at $12 for eye tools which seems insane considering the amount of love and detail that goes into them. Still, we're not complaining!


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Opening image: Zoeva/Instagram

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