Zoë Foster Blake on Mascara, Podcasts, and Taking Go-To Skincare Global

Emily Algar

Smart, hilarious, and absolutely brimming with ace beauty recommendations, Zoë Foster Blake is the real deal. She's kind, genuine, and knows her shit when it comes to the beauty business (and the writing, app-designing, and television show-producing business, but there's only so much I could fit into our interview slot). Not only is she at the helm of her skincare brand, Go-To, but she's about to take her adorable family to the States as the brand launches into Sephora U.S. Major. 

A few weeks ago, Foster Blake was in Sydney and I was lucky enough to snag 20 minutes with her. We drank lattes, ate fairy bread, but most importantly, we talked about creative pursuits, skincare ingredients to avoid, and why tubular mascara is the best invention since the wheel. Be prepared to girl crush, because the truth is, it's Zoë's world, and we're just living in it. Keep scrolling for the complete interview. 

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