8 Fitness Gurus You Can Work Out With for Free on YouTube

Kaitlyn McLintock

We all try to live an active lifestyle—whether that’s going to the gym a few times a week, flowing through a yoga class, or trekking around in the great outdoors. But sometimes we’re too short on time (or, let’s be real, motivation) to head into a crowded workout studio or expose ourselves to the hot summer sun. Lucky for us, there are other options. Instead of neglecting our workout (and the mood-boosting benefits that come from it), we schedule ourselves a little one-on-one workout time with YouTube. The workouts are time-flexible, accessible, and expert-led. In other words, it’s basically a treasure trove of fitness.

A quick search unearths everything from yoga to Pilates to HIIT training routines; whatever type of sweat session you prefer, YouTube likely has it. That’s why we decided to put together a list of our favourite online fitness channels just to help you narrow your search a little bit. Keep reading to see the YouTube fitness gurus we can always count on for increasing our heart rate and improving our headspace.

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