The Best OS Yoga Retreats to Zen Out Your Life

by Erin Jahns

Byron Younger

There’s no denying that a regular (or even occasional) yoga practice reaps some serious health benefits when it comes to both our emotional and physical wellbeing. Yes, a 60-second Chair Pose doesn’t necessarily feel as comfy as, say, lying in front of our TV all day, but that feeling post-vinyasa? Euphoric. Which got us thinking… If we feel that amazing after a mere 60 minutes, wouldn’t a yoga retreat (aka an entire weekend—or week!) feel practically life-changing? We did some research, and apparently in the world of yoga retreats, more is more.

Think of a yoga retreat as an upgraded vacation. Whereas you may normally feel bloated, depleted, and a little worse for wear after imbibing favourite vacation staples like cocktails, greasy food, or one too many sugar-laden indulgences, after a yoga retreat, you’ll probably feel lighter and a lot more energised. In addition to taking multiple yoga classes per day, with hikes, massages, and meditations served à la carte, you’ll also be able to fill your plate with super-healthy fare (think meals that are organic, vegetarian, and sustainable). Combined with renowned yoga instructors, to-die-for locations (seriously, pick your poison), and the opportunity for some serious self-reflection, we suggest booking a trip ASAP.

From Scotland to Iceland, keep reading to see the yoga retreats Team Byrdie can’t stop drooling over.

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