These Yoga Stretches Might Put You to Sleep Faster Than Melatonin

Victoria Hoff

Free People

I endured many, many years of sleepless nights before learning an important lesson: If I don't give my mind and body the time and space to unwind at the end of the day, I'm more likely to spiral into restless anxiety as I lie in bed. (Funnily enough, that doesn't exactly bode well for a good night's sleep.)

There are plenty of ways to relax before bed, and the rituals you adopt obviously hinge on personal preference. But for those who aren't quite sure where to begin (or feel like they have tried just about everything to no avail), yoga is a great place to start: Even cycling through just a few deep stretches before getting into bed can ease muscle pain and tension, lower cortisol levels, and clear your mind.

But it all comes down to choosing the right poses—and for this, we deferred to yoga instructor and THE/THIRTY contributor Alexis Novak for her pointers on practicing yoga for better sleep. Below she shares the (foolproof) stretches worth trying tonight—along with a few other tips to consider.

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