Anxiety, Grace, and Acceptance: 8 30+ Women on Ageing

Hallie Gould

A year ago, I wrote about the bizarre in-between phase that is your 20s—where beauty treatments are still just preventative and you're living (arguably) like a kid with a few adult expectations. What interested me was how my peers felt about the prospect of ageing—even if it was, in fact, far off in the distance.

Now I'm more interested in women in their 30s and 40s. How do they wrestle with ageing once they have graduated from their 20s and find solace in who've they have become? We've talked a lot about whether or not we find the term "anti-ageing" to problematic, if it causes shame or anxiety in women today, and if (as with so many other things) wisdom and acceptance knock those feelings away with every passing birthday.

Below, seven women describe their own personal thoughts on the ageing process.

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