"I'm Too Smart" Is Now a Legit Excuse for Skipping a Workout

Victoria Hoff


The next time someone dogs you for your poor gym attendance, just say that you would go, but your brain is too big. No seriously, this is a thing: A recent study published in the Journal of Health Psychology shows that a sedentary lifestyle actually correlates with higher levels of intelligence since thinking is a "physical sacrifice" in and of itself.

Researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University observed people who they categorized as either having a low or high "need for cognition" based on mental testing—in laymen's terms, "thinkers" and "non-thinkers." After monitoring their physical activity over the course of a week, they found that those with a high need for cognition (aka the "thinkers") were far more sedentary than the other group—except, interestingly enough, on the weekends.

The reasoning, the researchers say, is that "thinkers" are more easily able to mentally entertain themselves—not to mention those of us who tend to overthink things (raising my hand so high) know how physically exhausting it can be. 

This all being said, thinkers can't totally justify a sedentary lifestyle. Staying active is vital for our well-being, after all, and not to mention it has a huge impact on brain function. Beyond that, the scientists note that because thinkers tend to have a higher self-awareness, they should be able to rationalize the important of logging regular workouts—even if they don't necessarily want to. 

On that note, learn how to get in shape without trying too hard (or spending too much).

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