It's Official: Being a Woman Puts You at a Higher Risk for Having Anxiety

Kaitlyn McLintock

By now we know that there is no single cause of anxiety. Research has shown everything from environmental factors like daily stress to biological factors like genetics and internal imbalances contribute to long-term, debilitating worry. No one knows this better than Andrea Petersen, writer and author of On Edge: A Journey Through Anxiety. Inspired by her own experience with the disorder, Petersen set out to learn more about its origins. What she found was startling. "Women are about twice as likely as men to develop [an anxiety disorder], and women's illnesses generally last longer, have more severe symptoms, and are more disabling," she wrote. In fact, she goes as far as to say that "there is no greater risk factor for anxiety disorders than being born female."

Head over to the Science of Us to read the full article. While the link between anxiety and socialisation is being studied, read up on 10 anxiety remedies you can try now!

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