11 Witch Makeup Ideas Straight From Fashion Week Runways

Dacy Knight

Dressing up as a witch might not be the most inspired Halloween costume—yet there's a reason so many of us do it year to year. There are an endless number of ways to put your own spin on the evil witch, and craft (so to speak) your own costume that gives your witch that magic touch. Possibly the best part about putting together a witch costume is the makeup, as we all know any witch—good or bad—needs a killer beauty look.

To spark some cosmetic creativity, we've served up a strong lineup of stunning witch makeup ideas straight from the fashion week runways. Whether you're seeking a smouldering smoky eye, dark lips, or swipes of ethereal greens, you can channel your inner witch with these hauntingly beautiful beauty looks.

Head below for 11 striking witch makeup ideas to bring to life this Halloween.

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