5 Winter Skincare Rules a Dermatologist Wants You to Follow

Katharine McEntee

Just when you’ve figured out the right skincare routine, winter comes along, and suddenly, you have to change your tried-and-true summer remedies for their more hydrating counterparts. Sure, not everything has to go, but thanks to freezing temperatures and blustery winds, it is essential that we up the hyaluronic acid and capitalise on a good moisturiser. To give us the lowdown on what our ideal winter skincare routine should look like, we reached out to dermatologist Rita Linkner, MD, for the important skincare steps and hydrating hero products necessary to avoid dull winter skin.

While dry skin affects us all from time to time, Linkner says, "Winter months are the worst on the skin, period." Adding that "low temps combined with low humidity levels and blustery winds can make a number of skin conditions worse, from acne to rosacea to eczema." To avoid getting irritating dry patches in the first place, Linkner recommends "overdoing it with a hydrating moisturiser," "less than five-minute" showers, and, believe it or not, cutting back on hand-washing to "only when totally essential." For more of Linkner's tips to banish dry skin, as well as her favourite winter skincare products, keep on reading.

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