4 Aesthetician-Approved Hacks to Avoid Bad Winter Skin

Faith Xue


With the start of cold weather comes more layers, more Netflix bingeing, and, usually, more skin issues. Already-dry skin gets worse in the face of blustering winds and freezing temps, while normal and even oily skin might get hit with cold-induced itchiness and flakiness for the first time. Slathering on moisturiser seems like the obvious remedy, but anyone who’s tried it will tell you it doesn’t always work—in fact, most times, it either leads to breakouts or leaves your skin feeling dry and raw as ever. We turned to celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau and asked for help: How do we keep our skin glowy and Gigi Hadid–esque in the face of winter? How do we avoid bad winter skin? Luckily a few simple hacks will do the trick. Keep scrolling to seem them all!

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