Science Says the Answer to Winning at Work Is Red Lipstick

Lisa Patulny


We rely on a ruby pout for loads of things; it’s what we reach for when last-minute drinks are suddenly on the cards, and it’s often the last thing we apply before rushing into an important meeting. It seems we inherently know that a quick bolt of scarlet lipstick can do wonders for our confidence, but now there’s scientific proof.

According to Allure, a New York Post survey asked 460 women on Twitter what they thought when women wore red lipstick at work, and 78.8% concluded that it made the woman look more confident. For further evidence, Allure cites a study conducted by Procter & Gamble and Harvard University that also found women who wear “bold makeup” in the workplace are perceived as more likable and competent. Men and women were asked to look at pictures of 25 racially diverse women wearing different amounts of makeup, and the women with darker eye and lip makeup were viewed as more capable than those who were more bare-faced.

Our take? Both sets of results seem to stem from the appearance of self-confidence. Which means all that’s standing between you and a good work day is MAC’s Ruby Woo ($36) or Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge in Caprice ($50).


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