Surprising Reasons You Should Use Mousse in Your Hair

Kaitlyn McLintock

Mousse is a hard beauty product to pin down. Some say they use it for lift and volume, but isn’t that what a volumising spray is for? Others swear by it for longwear hold and style protection. The next question you ask, then, is why not use hair spray for that? What, you wonder as you shake your fists at the sky, is so special about mousse?

The answer is deceptively simple. Mousse is so special because it combines a number of styling benefits into a single, foamy formula (it’s no wonder we declared it was making a comeback earlier last year). Take it from Aaron Grenia, the co-founder of IGK Hair, who loves mousse for providing “hold, style memory, lift, and bounce.” Tresemmé stylist Tyler Laswell feels similarly. “People should not be frightened of mousse,” he says. “Out of all of the products out there, mousse is the easiest product to use and the most versatile. Needless to say, but mousse is one of my favourite products.” Keep reading to learn how and why you should be using mousse in your hair.



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