This Eye-Opening Video Debunks Every Argument Against Veganism

Amanda Montell

According to a survey published by Vegetarian Times, only 0.5% of American adults are vegan. The vast majority of the country perceives vegans as high-maintenance, preachy, and extreme, unable to wrap their heads around why anyone would give up animal products for life. Admittedly, I used to be like this too.

Seemingly, there are countless reasons why going vegan is a bad idea. In fact, vegan YouTuber Bonny Rebecca recently took a poll on her Instagram, asking her followers to name their number one arguments against veganism. Bonny sifted through over 2500 comments she received and narrowed the arguments down to five main categories.

Arguments Against Veganism

1. We are designed to eat meat.

2. Veganism leads to nutritional deficiencies.

3. Her young followers' parents won't let them go vegan.

4. Meat tastes good.

5. Going vegan will conflict with convenience, tradition, and social acceptance.

Then, Bonny made the following video, which debunks every last one of these arguments in an incredibly understanding yet scientific and rational way. The video is just under 22 minutes long, but every second of it is astoundingly persuasive, bringing to light issues such as the myth of protein deficiency, the fact that our ancestors ate a diet of mostly plant fibre, and the horror that over 50% of greenhouse gas emissions come from the meat and dairy manufacturing industry. Out of every video, article, and documentary I've seen about the benefits of veganism, this has to be the most compelling.

The video was published a week ago and already has 112,000 views and 1090 comments. Many of the notes Bonny received were from meat-eaters, whose minds were completely changed by her reasoning. Check out this comment from a user named Kaya Szlachetka:

"Wow, I have to tell you that I always [thought] that vegans were crazy and I could never go vegan ... I found this video because I thought it would be one that I could relate to ... someone else expressing [their] dislikes towards vegans as well, so when I began to watch it I was a bit bummed, until I decided to keep watching it, and I have to say that I am proudly going to become vegan. I find that most videos about being vegan are too serious and intimidating, but yours really made my mind click in a way that now I realise how important it really is to try and be vegan. Thank you so much for changing my life, you are truly a new inspiration of mine and will definitely spend the rest of the night binge-watching all your videos because not only are you intelligent and motivating but also so beautiful inside and out!"

"Your [video] really made my mind click in a way that now I realise how important it really is to try and be vegan."

YouTube comment

No matter your current position on veganism, we highly recommend that you watch this video all the way through. Then, check out Bonny Rebecca's other YouTube videos, which offer vegan recipes, beauty advice, and tips for becoming a more positive person. If she does convince you to give veganism a try, check out her vegan recipe e-book, Carboliscious ($17).

Bonny Rebecca Carbolicious ($17)

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