Apparently Women Sleep Less Than Men Because of Our Superior Moral Conscience

Amanda Montell

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Having trouble sleeping? At Byrdie, we have a bit of an obsession with this topic. Last year, we consulted a panel of sleep experts to learn the physical factors preventing you from sleeping well—drinking alcohol before bed, sleeping in a too-warm bedroom, and using your phone right up until the moment you go to sleep are all culprits. But what about the mental reasons you can't fall asleep?

That is exactly what a new survey by Sleep Junkie aimed to find out. The site polled more than 2000 American men and women, seeking an honest answer to the age-old question What keeps you up at night? The survey compared participants' reported sleep quality with behaviours that tend to "weigh heavily on most people's minds," like financial troubles, lying, and infidelity. What they found was fascinating (and actually very validating, especially for women)—keep reading to see what we mean.

Next up, read the strange (but effective) sleep tips we learned from Byrdie readers.

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