No Colour? No Problem! Spring’s Unexpected New Make-Up Trend


When we think spring, we think colour. We think beautifully rouged, flushed cheeks, romantic red-stained lips and pops of pastel on our lids. You know, seasonal beauty at its best.

But forget what you know about spring beauty: it’s time to rethink your palette and add a neutral you’ve never considered on your face (apart from working to cover a multitude of sins).

We’re talking white. And we’re talking about it a lot. Even the ladies of the Cox Plate knew the score: white is the new black.


If you need further proof, take your cues from the New York runways. Faces were fresh, clean and deceptively simple. Some touches, like Thakoon’s delicate scooping of white around the inner corners of the eye with a sweep of inner eyeliner, were subtle and luminous, making for an ethereal daytime look. Some were modern and edgy enough for a night out—here, we’re taking cues from the deliberate, definite lids of Public School.

Our favourite, though? The flutter of white on the outer edge of the lids at Zero + Maria Cornejo. Black Swan, eat your heart out.


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