This Supermarket Eye Shadow Hack Is a Game Changer

Deven Hopp

We could talk drugstore beauty all day long. Our love for budget eyeliner and $12 lipstick runs deep. But eye shadows are a different story. We may obsess over the colour in the pan at Priceline, but when we get it home, open it up, and play with it, the colour payoff is less than desirable. That's when you, being unaware of this genius hack, might be tempted to toss that shade aside. Well, resist that temptation, and try this 30-second trick instead. You won't be disappointed.

Check out the instructions below, and click play on the video above to see how it’s done!

  1. Fill in your eyelid with a matte white eye shadow stick. Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk ($10) works like a charm. You can also use pressed powder shadow, but an eye shadow stick delivers the best results. In a pinch, white or nude eyeliner also works.
  2. Softly blend out the edges of the white using a brush or your finger.
  3. Apply the eye shadow of your choice on top, just as you normally would. And that’s it—see the difference!

What’s your favourite drugstore eye shadow? Tell us below!

Credits: Model: Yaris Cedano; Hair: Caeleb Michael; Makeup: Sophie Haig; Videographer: Mitch Lemos; Producer: CMG Studios.

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