The 20 Most Decadent Whipped Beauty Products Your Daily Routine Deserves

Kaitlyn McLintock

The beauty industry is constantly changing and rearranging itself, almost as if it's a giant game of Tetris. But in the midst of this murky and ever-evolving industry, there are a few consistencies that we've come to recognise, spanning intangible philosophies on creativity and confidence to recognising that—no matter how trivial it may seem—packaging, texture, and general user experience matter when testing out a new product. And that's exactly what we're focused on today: texture, or, more specifically, as it relates to whipped beauty products. These never fail to make a bathroom vanity feel chic and elevated, thanks to a light and decadent tactility, much like a fine chocolate mousse. Below, find 20 whipped beauty products that are sure to bring a sense of luxury back to your standard routine, regardless of price tag. 

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