Sheet Masks Are Old News, but These Little-Known Brands Are Not

Lisa Patulny

Brendon Thorne for Getty

Yes, sheet masks are old news, but that doesn't mean there aren't a whole gang of skin-perfectors you've never heard of still waiting to be discovered. Beyond what you can pick up in a pharmacy, (or Priceline—like these outstanding drugstore masks), you'll find a ton of little-known brands hiding out on K-beauty shopping sites. Many are at the forefront of skincare technology, utilising materials like bamboo and coconut gel to infuse the skin with as much goodness as possible. Packed with active ingredients, and dressed up in impossibly cute packaging, they're worth a lot more than they cost. Where else could you snap up a treatment that does wonders for your skin for just $2?

From brightening sheet masks perfect for pepping up dull and dehydrated winter skin, to ones that visibly zap blackheads, fade discolouration and more, no matter your skin issue there's something here for you. 

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