This Is Where Australian It Girls Buy Their Beauty (and Why You Should, Too)

Emily Algar

Confession: We love scrolling through the social feeds of our favourite Australian It girls. While we could lose hours jotting down street style tips and screen-grabbing interiors ideas, we're also not ashamed to admit we enjoy nothing more than eyeballing their hair and makeup looks, and perving on their beauty cabinets. 

Keen to take a deeper dive into the skincare, makeup, haircare and fragrance collections of Carmen HamiltonBrooke Testoni and our very own INF / Network members Chloe Hill and Nadia Rosa, we reached out to each of them to ask a very important question: Which are your ride-or-die products? There were a few expected entries (turns out we're not alone in our love for RMS), but the ones we came away most excited to try can only be found in smaller, more boutique beauty stores. Regardless, every single suggestion is now firmly on our radar. 

Keep scrolling for 12 Australian It girl beauty must-haves. 


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