6 Foods Girls With Clear Skin Always Eat

Dacy Knight

Are you prone to hormonal breakouts that rear their ugly head right before your period? It turns out that your fate isn't just in mother nature's hands and what you choose to eat can actually help (or hurt) your symptoms. We tapped two nutritionists to give us the low down on how our diet affects our skin, particularly when it comes to hormone balance.

"How you eat can heal and restore hormone balance or it can completely throw you out of balance and keep you there," notes Elissa Goodman, certified holistic nutritionist. She explains that these dreaded breakouts are the result of our estrogen and progesterone levels dropping as we approach menstruation, while testosterone says the same so our glands produce more sebum—leading to oily skin which is a breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. "Unfortunately, even women with healthy eating habits cannot fully change the relationship between hormones and outbreaks, but you can minimise them through a healthy diet and by maintaining a healthy weight." So for Goodman it's more about incorporating the following nutritious foods into your diet consistently rather than switching it up at different parts of your cycle.

Keep scrolling to see the exact foods that help balance your hormones to avoid hormonal breakouts at any part of your cycle.

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