The 5 Supplements Nutritionists Would Buy at Priceline

Amanda Montell

There is a lot of confusion surrounding which vitamins and supplements a person should take to make sure they're getting complete nutrition. We love Priceline's supplement selection, but combing through it can be overwhelming. "The big issue with supplements is they are not FDA regulated, so you can't always be sure that what is in there is what they say is in there," explains certified nutrition coach Candice Seti of The Weight Loss Therapist. So what's a consumer to do?

First off, we should understand the role that supplements play in our diet. "I generally encourage those I work with to get their nutrients from food, instead of supplements," Seti says. "Food-based vitamins and minerals are generally better-absorbed by our bodies. However, we can't always get everything we need from food, and that's when supplements become a good option."

Many high-quality supplements are conveniently available at Priceline and most grocery stories, and to help identify them, we asked Seti, as well as registered dietitian Lauren O'Connor and physician Daniel Gonzalez, MD, to point out their favourites.

Want to know which supplements nutritionists would add to their Priceline carts? Read on to find out.

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