What Does Sexy Smell Like? Real Guys Review Valentine's Day Fragrances

Lisa Patulny

So much of fragrance advertising is about the mysterious dance between a man and a woman (or a woman and a woman, or a man and a man) known as attraction. This makes perfect sense to us. Think about it: perfume is invisible. It's alchemistic and alluring, and has the power to enchant us in an almost undefinable way. If you've ever sniffed your beloved and felt er, a heightened sense of sensuality, you'll know what we mean. (Wink.) (It's no coincidence that perfume is so often given as a Valentine's Day gift...)

That said, fragrance is extremely personal. There are theories around why we love some scents and turn our noses up at others; experts believe we are essentially individually programmed to enjoy certain smells and dislike others from birth. Whatever the reason, one fact remains: a perfume that completely captivates one person can repel the next. Intriguing yes, but it sure does make shopping for fragrance challenging.

Ahead of February the 14th an overwhelming curiosity got the better of us. Suddenly we had to know—what do the men we know think of our fragrance choices? We rounded up a selection of nine very different scents (and four very different men), instructed them on the sampling process (see Mark's responses below) and let the good times roll. What follows is part revelation, part beauty comedy. Keep reading to read their real reviews of this season's fresh fragrances.


What do you think of these fresh new fragrances? Will you be trying a new scent this Valentine's Day? Sound off below!


Opening image: Imaxtree

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