What It's Actually Like to Get an IUD, According to 6 Real Women

Victoria Hoff

Here at Byrdie HQ, we firmly believe that there are no taboos when it comes to female health—and that's why we're making it our mission to destigmatize any and all discussion surrounding birth control, our periods, and any other topic related to reproductive wellness. It's something we stand by all year long, but in observation of National Women's Health Week, we're highlighting some of our best guides and stories on the subject. Tune in all week long to get versed on your options when it comes to birth control, what it's really like to get an IUD, why you should care about which tampons you buy, and more.


Zara Home

When I got my IUD in July, I did a lot of research beforehand—like, a lot. I discussed my options with my doctor ad nauseam. I googled everything, and I pored over countless articles covering the general basics and the nitty-gritty details. But nothing appeased my thirst for knowledge on the subject—not to mention my pre-procedure jitters—more than hearing about the real-life experiences from women who had actually gone through it.

In this respect, my situation was ideal—I had a lot of friends with IUDs who were more than willing to get into TMI territory with me, all so that I might feel better prepared. But even as I ultimately learned that no IUD experience is quite the same as the next, I couldn't help but imagine how much more nervous I would feel without the anecdotal frame of reference I built in the weeks leading up to my implantation. And with IUDs trending in a big way after the election, now seems as good a time as any to pay it forward.

Since the fate of free birth control is questionable under the incoming presidential administration, many women are now scrambling to get IUDs in a preemptive way to make sure they're covered through the upcoming years, rather than taking a gamble on their reproductive health by playing wait-and-see. 

But whether you're part of the group booking appointments en masse or simply have a passing curiosity about what the procedure entails, again, hearing the stories of real women who've done it is invaluable to demystifying the experience—after you've versed yourself on the basics, of course. (Spoiler: It's not always pleasant, but ultimately, it's not a big deal.) Below, six women get real about what it's really like to have an IUD, from implantation to aftermath and beyond.

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