What Causes Water Retention? We Asked a Physician

Maya Allen

Water retention is scary. So much water is flowing throughout our bodies, which is good for our muscles, organs, and blood flow. However, sometimes our body holds on to way too much water causing certain parts to swell up and get super puffy. Water retention, also known as edema or fluid retention, can happen to anyone’s circulatory system. Most of the time, people severely swell up in their legs, hands, and feet. Some cases can be more serious than others, which is why you must pay attention to important indicators that you might be experiencing it.

There are many causes of water retention—your diet, lifestyle, medication, and hormones can all play a big factor. It can be easily treated if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain alert of what your body is consuming. We called on Karnika Kapoor, MD, a primary care physician at the medical offices of Manhattan, to spell out all of the signs of water retention to be aware of. Read on for every single thing you need to know to fight off water retention.

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