How to Kick Your Stress-Eating Habit, Once and for All

Dacy Knight

It happens to everyone: stress-eating gets the better of us—what begins as reaching for a bite of comfort food turns into a total binge fest we regret only after it's too late. But emotional eating isn't some passing accident that happens to hone in on your hunger. Instead, the behaviour is rooted in our biological makeup and can be explained by science. When you're stressed, your body is wired to crave food, especially the kind that isn't great for you (e.g., comfort foods high in fat and sugar).

When stress levels are high, so are the levels of the body's stress hormone cortisol. This spike of the hormone encourages us to seek unhealthy foods and also worsens our ability to properly deal with stress. If we continue to rely on binging on the bad stuff every time our hormone levels get out of whack from stress, we eventually lose our ability to properly deal with the stress without these detrimental behaviours—thus making them difficult habits to break. If you're looking to finally change your ways, a few conscious changes can reset how you deal with stress and get your body back on track.

Now keep scrolling to study up on science-backed tips to kick your stress-eating habit, once and for all.

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