What Are Salt Shampoos? In Short: A Necessary Shower Step

Dacy Knight

Of a Kind

Especially coming into the warmer months, we're used to seeing an influx of salt-infused products like sprays and scrubs that promise beachy waves and smooth suntan-ready skin, respectively. But another beauty category of the salt variety that's been popping up on our radars are salt shampoos. You, like many, may be wondering what are salt shampoos exactly? Relatively new the to market, and with few offerings, the novel concept of salt shampoo can leave one a bit perplexed—we typically add salt-infused hair products to our hair to give it body and even make it a bit "dirty" for hold and texture, not to cleanse our strands. But in action, salt shampoo is a surprising solution to add texture and volume to hair while washing it, leaving it with renewed life rather than feeling squeaky clean and stripped.

Typically, shampoos will have regular table salt (or sodium chloride) among their ingredients, which do not do any favours for the health or beauty of your hair. On the other hand, sea salt is packed with healthful minerals like magnesium and potassium that help hair while giving you that desired texture and a boost in volume. "[Salt shampoos] are excellent for naturally detoxifying the scalp of grease, grime, and product build-up as salt acts as a natural exfoliator," Christophe Robin—who has his own cleansing purifying sea salt scrub made for the scalp—explains to Refinery29. "They help remove chemical residues left on the scalp, which can cause itchiness after a colouring treatment. More commonly, they also help to rebalance and soothe, greasy, irritated scalps."  Head below to shop our favourite salt shampoos.

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