7 Legitimate Weight-Loss Tips We Learned From Extreme Diets

Amanda Montell

We Byrdie editors try dozens of wacky diets, cleanses, and nutrition trends so that you don’t have to. If an eating plan claims to banish belly bulge, skyrocket our metabolisms, or make our bodies burn fat more efficiently, we are on it like cacao nibs in a protein shake.

That said, these extreme diets aren’t exactly fun (and they’re not even always safe). We’ve tried relinquishing all acidic foods and eating nothing but fruit, pushing through mood swings and digestive disturbances in the name of optimal nutrition. In the end, we don’t recommend sticking to most of the radical diets we’ve tried in the long-term. But we have gleaned a few valuable, dietitian-approved lessons along the way.

Do yourself a favour and skip the extreme dieting. Instead, check out the reasonable weight-loss lessons we’ve learned below!

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