Gorgeous Wedding Nail Looks You Could Wear All Year Long

by Claudia Wittenberg

Weddings can be one of the best moments in a couple's life, preceded by an often momentous proposal. Between those two moments, there are countless tasks to plan for the ensuing ceremony, but one essential is commonly forgotten right off the bat—a manicure. Whether this was on your radar or not, once that ring slides onto your finger, that hand will inevitably be on display 24/7. We hate to add a task to your planner without offering some sort of solace as well, so we took it upon ourselves to scavenge the internet for the best wedding manicures for every type of bride.

After the champagne is popped and the petals are swept away, check a box off your to-do list and head to the salon with these styles in mind. Choose from subtle details to modernised styles, any of which will have you all the more prepared to extend your hand when someone asks to see the ring. Your typical hue just won't do—especially when you're saying "I do." (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). Keep scrolling below to see the best manicures for your wedding day.

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