I Got My Bridal Makeup Done by 3 Different Beauty Counters—See the Photos

Lindsey Metrus

For years, I've sworn that I'll do my own makeup for my wedding. I've never particularly liked the way anyone else has done my makeup, and given the fact I've been doing it myself since middle school, I feel confident in my skills. Not to mention I also know which products and shades do and don't work for me, the latter of which is usually the root of the issue when a third party gives it a shot.

However, the makeup of celebrities (like, ahem, the Kardashians) on the red carpet always looks flawless—not a pore in sight. Perhaps I just need to find my own Mario Dedivanovic or Charlotte Tillbury to make my wedding photo the kind you set as your profile picture for every social network you're a member of (you know what I'm talking about).

I figured in the spirit of wedding season (and my pending nuptials), I thought I'd give three different artists the same instructions to see if their visions and my vision would differ. (Spoiler: They were all very different.) Keep scrolling to see how it all went down.

The Takeaway

This experiment taught me that I actually can trust other people to do my makeup and that they will do a good job. However, despite the fact that I absolutely loved what the Urban Decay makeup artist did despite a few hiccups, I'd still rather avoid any hiccups on my big day by doing it myself. I know what I like—what can I say?

What are your wedding makeup plans? Would you ever do your own? Tell us below!

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