11 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length and Texture

by Claudia Wittenberg

Pinterest-worthy hair is one thing, Pinterest-worthy bridal hairstyles are a whole different ball game. And while the days spent ogling the site for hours for the style you'll walk down the aisle in are exciting, they can also be frustrating. Let us explain: It's easy to scroll through pages of Pins of girls with long, flowing blonde hair, but the reality is that everyone's hair doesn't fit that mould. That's why we've compiled different looks for a variety of hair textures and lengths. Trust us, these are the only hair inspiration pictures you'll need for finding the style you want to wear on your special day. 


We love the way these textured, ever so slightly messy, curls give the ultimate boho-chic vibe. If you curl strands away from your face, it will give you a windswept look all day and night. Highly recommend. 


This floral arrangement is perfect for an outdoor wedding. The muted colours are beautifully subtle and upgrade a timeless, more simple look. 


Can you say bridal hair goals? We certainly can. This whimsical up-do is adorned with delicate flower buds, and let us just say: j'adore. 


Embracing the natural texture of your hair is the perfect guarantee for amazing body. We love the way pinning some sections up can add even more flowing volume and give the entire look a more graceful-goddess feel to it. 


This bundle of loose waves is sophisticated, traditional, and exudes confidence. Plus, pinning some hair back is the best way avoid losing the frame of your face and it will accentuate your jawline. (Not to mention you won't be worried about tucking it behind your ears the whole night.)


For a messier, textured wave-loving bride, adding a braid is the perfect addition to take your do from every day to your special day. 


Pulling the hair back from your face and accessorising with a slew of roses over the pinning looks amazing. Simple, stylish, and oh so classic. 


We're in love with this delicately draped accessory. It falls perfectly with the swept up curls and is the perfect amount of exquisite, just enough to catch someone's eye. We think even the biggest jewellery minimalists will be on board with this. 


This messy bun adds a sense of care-free spirit to the traditional wedding aesthetic. We recommend curling the hair before pulling it into the up-do—it adds a playful look when those frontal strands come loose. 


We love the way the falling strands from the braid drape into the bun itself. It's such an ever so relaxed look that is so on trend right now. The braid adds the perfect amount of structure without worry of giving you a headache by the end of the night. 


The textured lob has been everyone's most pin-able style for a while now. Upgrade the look with floral accessories for a modest and classical feel. 

Now that you've got your hair squared away, check out these wedding nail art designs you could wear all year long. 

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