Wearing Makeup To The Gym--How Bad Is It?

Alina Gonzalez
by Alina Gonzalez

Confession: a few of us here at Byrdie have admitted to wearing makeup to the gym—yes, it’s a guilty pleasure even beauty editors indulge now and then. You do better when you look better, right? 

But rather than maintain the ignorance-is-bliss approach, we decided to see what a makeup artist actually thinks about working out in makeup.

We spoke to celebrity makeup artist and industry veteran Jo Baker, who has beautified the faces of Emmy Rossum, Naya Rivera, January Jones, and Cindy Crawford for her take on exercising in makeup. Though we weren’t exactly expecting a resounding endorsement, as it turns out, the makeup-at-the-gym practice is something Baker feels passionately about—and for really good reasons.  

Click through to see her compelling take on why you should embrace makeup-free workouts. We can truly say it inspired us to ditch this bad skin habit for good. 

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