3 Effective Things I Did to Get Rid of a Terrible, Awful, No-Good Cold

Hallie Gould

Urban Outfitters

The common cold is just that—common. But it's also debilitating, painful, annoying, and pretty much life-ruining for the entire duration of its hold on your body. For me, it usually springs up around a season change (now) or when I've been travelling a lot (also now). It always starts with a small tickle in the back of my throat, like a little reminder that hell is about to rain down on me, and I should cancel my plans. 

This particular cold began the second I landed back in New York after a quick trip to Paris. Because of the length of my visit, inevitable jet lag, and my penchant for late nights and dirty martinis, I wasn't surprised. After two days of lying horizontal on my couch, motionless, with tissues scattered across my living room, I decided to do some research. I checked in with my fellow Byrdie editors, searched the internet, and read some interesting articles about the best cold remedies. I tried about a million remedies—all-natural and otherwise. Below, find the three that actually worked. And yes, my cold is gone, and I've returned to my normal vertical life.

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