Good News: These Water-Based Primers Won't Leave You Feeling Greasy

Maya Allen

Primers can do a lot for your skin if you let them. Sure, some people say you can skip primer if you want, but once you get your hands on a really good primer, it will become an absolutely crucial step in your makeup routine. Your foundation will suddenly feel so much smoother and your skin's flawlessness will turn all the way up (not that you weren't already flawless before, but you get it). When choosing primers, you have two main options on the market: silicone and water-based. Water-based primers are incredibly hydrating, lightweight, and will feel barely there but make a major difference on your skin.

Sometimes, rich, silicone-based primers have a tendency to make your skin look oilier than it is. Water-based primers are oil-free and offer a mattifying effect to extend the wear of your makeup. What's even better is that they won't ever clog your pores because they feel so light and airy on the skin. If you have dry, sensitive skin, try a water-based primer to amp up your hydration levels. Ahead are the water-based primers we love that we're 100% sure you will too. 

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