These Water-Based Moisturisers Are Like a Glass of Water for Your Skin

Kaitlyn McLintock

Moisturiser is a year-round must, but for some, the standard rich, balm-like versions that surface every winter are simply too think or heavy to wear all day. That's where a water-based cream comes in. These types of moisturisers are still hydrating, but in a lightweight and comfortable way. They moisturise without making your skin look super shiny or congested in that way some oil- and silicone-heavy moisturisers can. In fact, if you have really oily skin, some of them may even help mattify your complexion. It just depends on the ones you use, which is why we've assembled a list of effective water-based options fit for any skin type. These 9 products are sure to keep your skin hydrated and healthy all winter long.

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