Why People Who Don’t Own a Dishwasher Are Less Stressed

Lisa Patulny

What do you do to decompress when you’ve had a hard day? Yoga? Meditation? Netflix and chill? Although these activities are often viewed as relief from the hectic pace of our day-to-day, it turns out that simply washing up can send your stress levels plummeting. According to researchers from Florida State University, mundane activities—like cleaning the dishes—can be used to promote a mindful state.

Published in the journal Mindfulness, the study looked at whether washing dishes could act as a meditative method of focusing attention on present emotions and thoughts. Apparently, just by focusing on the smell of the soap, warmth of the water and feel of the dishes, the group being studied experienced a decrease in nervousness by 27%. That’s a pretty impressive result considering washing the dishes is a task most of us undertake daily.

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Would you try this relaxation hack? What do you think: An after-work Bikram class or a bottle of Morning Fresh? Sound off in the comments below!

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