Exclusive: Vogue Korea's Beauty Director Gives Us a Peek Inside Her Vanity

Lindsey Metrus

Our ears are always open to product recommendations from our fellow editors—after all, they have tried just as many products as we have and boast an equally keen eye for efficacy. And ever since the K-beauty craze really took off stateside, we've been particularly tuned-in when we get word of a new Korean skincare or makeup product, too. So when we got the opportunity to chat with Vogue Korea's Beauty Director, Jisu Paek about her most beloved products, two powerful beauty forces joined together. 

It's clear that Paek, a Korean-based editor, beauty connoisseur, and owner of an enviable complexion, has a deep love for skincare, but if we're being completely honest, we hadn't heard of most all of her favourite picks. That's the beauty of many international products, though—there's an entire untapped world that we haven't —until now—been introduced to. Keep scrolling for her top picks!

These responses have been edited for clarity.

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