VIDEO: The Best BFF Workouts, Featuring Victoria's Secret Angels

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The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is only days away, and we’ve got body toning on the mind—can you blame us? After all, it’s the one day a year where the world’s most beautiful gather and march down the runway, sculpted limbs and rock-hard abs on proud display. But even Victoria’s Secret Angels work hard for their toned physiques, often clocking in hours upon hours at the gym (though we imagine they look considerably less red in the face and out of breath as we do). Curious about their pre-show workout routine, we caught up with Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes—two Victoria’s Secret’s Angels who go by the moniker @JoJa and who also happen to be BFFs—at NYC’s model-adored Dogpound gym and asked them to show some of their favourite workout moves to do with each other. Turns out, working out is way more fun when you’ve got a bestie by your side, Angel wings or none. Click the video below to see the best workouts to do with your BFF! 


Directed by Ben Klein 

Here's exactly how many reps to do for each move, straight from the trainers at Dogpound:

Plyometric step ups: 20 each leg
Partner push-ups: 10 each arm
Partner leg throws: 12 each way 
Single leg ballet lifts on bosu ball: 12 each side
Partner tricep dips with squat: 12 each side
Partner step-ups: 20 each leg
The Victoria’s Secret Strappy Plunge Sports Bra ($15) is a must-have for any workout fiend. 

Next up, see how three other Victoria’s Secret Angels stay fit, plus their favourite healthy meals!

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