Victoria's Secret Angels Agree: This Is the Best Workout for Long, Toned Limbs

Faith Xue

Seeing a Victoria's Secret Angel up close and IRL is a conflicting experience. On one hand, you feel slightly vindicated that they are indeed just as toned, tall, and painfully beautiful in person; it seems proof that our obsession with them is actually warranted. On the other hand, you can't help but feel less than thrilled about your own lacklustre gym habit. As someone who has spent the past week in the presence of these leggy beings, I can attest to both of these emotions. But VS Angels work hard for their sculpted physiques, and as it turns out, they're not just spending their days mindlessly running on a treadmill. I interviewed multiple Angels in the day leading up to the Victoria's Secret show, and started noticing a surprising workout trend. The workout Angels like Josephine Skriver and Romee Strijd credit for their long, lean muscles is not cardio, nor anything that's traditionally thought to be fat burning. Keep scrolling to find out what it is instead. 

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