Victoria Beckham's Daily Workout Plan Is, Um, Intense

Kaitlyn McLintock


Like so many other incredible women, celebrity or otherwise, Victoria Beckham is basically a real-life Wonder Woman. She heads up a super-successful design house and cares for four children, all the while living life in the midst of the public eye. (Instead of metallic arm cuffs and a tiara, her armour might as well be a chic pair of pointed-toe heels and oversize sunglasses).

As if this weren’t enough, she somehow manages to find the time to work out each and every morning. In her recent interview with Vogue Netherlands, Victoria oh so casually shared her intense workout routine—and we mean intense. “I go for a three-mile [approx. five-kilometre] run every morning and I work out for an hour with a personal trainer.” I think this proves our Wonder Woman theory. After all, five kilometres each morning equates to 35 kilometres per week, no easy feat for someone as busy as a Beckham.

Apparently, though, her packed schedule doesn't phase her. A five-kilometre run and an hour training session give her “just enough time to get to the kitchen to purée Romeo’s avocados. His toast jumps out of the toaster the minute he comes down for breakfast.” Sidenote: We’re pleased to learn the Beckhams love avocado as much as we do.

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