Victoria Beckham Just Revealed Her Top 3 French Skincare Staples

Kaitlyn McLintock

Getty Images

We assume that the majority of Victoria Beckham's Instagram followers are made up of fellow fashion fiends—people who crave regular updates regarding her namesake luxury clothing brand. While we appreciate a stylish 'gram just as much as the next person, we must admit that we're really in it for the beauty. You see, every now and then she shares a glimpse into her personal skincare and makeup routine. Seeing as Posh Spice maintains an almost ethereal complexion—one that's ceaselessly clear and radiant—we're particularly interested in the skincare side of things.

Over the weekend, VB took to Instagram to share three French skincare products she has incorporated into her routine on the advice of her Australian facialist, Melanie Grant. These products aren't just beloved by Grant and Beckham, though. They've reached a level of cult status among skincare enthusiasts worldwide. They also happen to belong to a brand that's beloved by Team Byrdie. Keep scrolling to see the three French skincare products in question.

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