Victoria Beckham Loves This Fancy Face Mask, So Now I Love This Fancy Face Mask

Kaitlyn McLintock

Getty Images 

Victoria Beckham is a major source of inspiration for us—and no, we're not just talking about her perfectly smoked-out cat eye, nor her repertoire of era-defining haircuts. She's built a fashion empire, launched genius makeup products in collaboration with Estée Lauder and has raised four children. To make a long story short, it's 2018 and we still want to be Posh Spice. Can you really blame us, though?

Just like we plan our seasonal wardrobes around her every fashion move, we're also very much on ball when it comes to sniffing out beauty products she loves. And she makes it easy for us. Seemingly almost every day, VB shares her latest beauty find in her Instagram Stories, and we've found plenty of our now-favourite products that way. This week, it was the turn of Lancer's Radiance Awakening Mask Intense ($178).

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