This $33 iHerb Supplement Gives Me Energy When It's 2 P.M. and It's a Life Saver

Amanda Montell

Good news: Experiencing a daily 2 p.m. slump where you're all the sudden overcome with an inability to be productive does not make you a lazy piece of garbage—according to the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC), late-in-the-day energy lags are something most human beings experience naturally. The tricky part is that as professional adults, we're still required to work through the afternoon, meaning we sometimes resort to unhealthy means to reboot our energy. For me, this has historically involved cookies from the drawer of sin at my office, which I use to spike my blood sugar but inevitably results in a rapid crash.

Recently, however, I've discovered a stimulating supplement, on iHerb no less, that has been my saving grace during these afternoon lows. Because I eat a plant-based diet, supplements can sometimes be hard to find, but this affordable vegan vitamin does the trick. If you're looking for energy-boosting, plant-based supplement that will stop you reaching for the nearest caffeinated item in your office, keep scrolling.

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