The Mainstream Beauty Brands You Didn't Know Were Vegan

Lisa Patulny

I have a friend named Amy who is a vegan. I see her a few times a week and we usually chat all things beauty and fitness (we're gym buddies). Sometimes we talk about how tricky it is for her to eat vegan and live an animal product-free lifestyle. She knows I have no idea. I once spent a week eating vegan food, because ~Beyonce~, but even then I didn't attempt the "lifestyle" element. I figured most vegan beauty brands would be small batch and local (both very excellent things), but not mainstream. I'm a beauty editor—I spend my days testing and trialling mainstream—how would that work exactly? It wasn't until Amy told me Le Labo (aka my favourite fragrance house) is vegan-friendly that I realised quite a few unexpected brands are either 100% vegan or thereabouts. That moment was the inspiration for this post, and the list of products that follows. Because everyone should have access to pretty things.


Keep reading to discover the mainstream beauty brands you didn't know were vegan!




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