Makeup Artists Share the Most Valuable Tips They Have Ever Learned

Hallie Gould

Tom Ford

We've discussed our all-time beauty best tips (and where we learned them) as well as the beauty products that changed our lives. As beauty editors, we've definitely been around the block once or twice. Our passion for beauty allows for late-night research, daily product testing, and tons of experimentation with all things related to hair, makeup, skincare, and health. But there's nothing like hands-on experience. In that case, we defer to our favourite makeup artists—the men and women in the beauty trenches 24/7 with models, celebrities, editors, and anyone else who relies on their expertise. There's no one better to ask for tips, tricks, and makeup hacks.

Below, we've listed celebrity makeup artists' most vital tips for getting your makeup right—every time.

What are your favourite makeup tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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