Urban Decay's Shapeshifter Palette Is So Much More Than a Contour Kit

Victoria Hoff


Contouring isn't dead—it just got a much-needed makeover. Whereas sculpting out cheekbones and reshaping the face used to be a time-consuming, colour-by-number endeavour, the 2017 approach is a lot less involved and a lot more natural. As such, the best contouring products and palettes have to be blendable, believable, and above all else, user-friendly.

It's unsurprising that Urban Decay heeded the call—the Naked collection has earned a cult following for a reason. But what sets the Shapeshifter Palette ($70) apart is its versatility: It boasts an array of cream and powder formulas in different shades for easy sculpting, highlighting, and colour-correcting. And in the video above, our beauty director, Deven, demonstrates just how easy it is to use.

Watch the video to see the Shapeshifter palette in action, and tell us which other products you want to see us try out in the comments below.

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