3 Popular Dishes You Should Never Order, According to Nutritionists

Amanda Montell

If only eating out at restaurants weren't so fun. (Why is it that consuming food made by someone else in a dining room that isn't your own makes the experience so much better?) Socialising over platters of professionally prepared eatables is one of my favourite pastimes, but the one thing I don't love so much about it is that it's often so hard to tell what will be the healthiest meal choice. Even at my favourite organic eateries and vegan joints, there are gobs of hidden calories and sugar everywhere. So how's a nutrition-conscious restaurant lover to know which dishes are secretly going to ruin you?

To find out, we consulted two of our most trusted nutritionists, who know full well which seemingly "healthy" meal choices aren't actually so good for you. If you're a restaurant lover like me, this list is here to help. Keep scrolling for the three most popular dishes you should never order at restaurants.

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