16 Products, Tips, and Treatments We Underestimated in 2018

Erin Jahns

Pessimism is never a good look. But any beauty editor who pleads innocent to slowly becoming a sceptical shell of a beauty consumer is either 100% lying or conveniently blessed with the most unparalleled patience. Frankly, we'll presume the former. It's not that we don't want to have faith in every single product or treatment we're offered, but there's only so much disappointment one can tolerate before giving ingredients, lofty claims, and "results" an extra-scrutinous side-eye.

There's always a silver lining though, and we'd like to think disappointment has actually made us better at our jobs. We've become pickier consumers and significantly more particular when it comes to products, tips, and treatments we tout to you here on Byrdie. Of course, with innovation and creativity at an all-time apex within the beauty industry, trying everything out and weeding the good from the not-so-good has become increasingly cumbersome. Fun, but cumbersome. After almost a full year of beauty-centric trials and tribulations, however, we're finally ready to uncover our previous pessimism and reveal the underrated products and treatments we seriously underestimated this year. Some have even become our can't-live-without, ride-or-die essentials! Curious? Keep scrolling for the must-have products, tips, and treatments that resulted in whiplash-esque surprise.

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