3 DIY Masks to Target an Oily T-Zone

by Erin Jahns

Warmer weather is here, and we want to talk oil—not the kinds that are having a moment (à la grape seed, coconut, and tea tree), but the more annoying varieties that (quite aggressively) attack our forehead, nose, and chin with alarmingly little restraint.

Summer is all about embracing a more natural approach to beauty. It’s the perfect time to accept (and flaunt!) the natural bend in your hair, the curves that your mama gave you, and those freckles that pop up three seconds after being out in the sun. But somehow flaunting an oily T-zone (which is every bit as natural and inevitable as those adorable freckles, BTW) isn’t quite as enticing. Luckily, there are plenty of all-natural skin savers that will help control oil and nix summer greasiness once and for all. Even better? These all-star ingredients can be combined to create oil-fighting (and quite possibly magical) elixirs right at home! Keep scrolling to get all the (not-so-dirty) details!

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