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There's only seven weeks left until Christmas (yes, really!)—summer holidays, here we come. We're already busy planning trips to make the most of the glorious Southern Hemisphere summer, madly pinning dream destinations in Fiji, the Philippines, New Zealand and around our very own country. 

The next step is, of course, mentally preparing a list of beauty items to pack—even though we're still two months' out from departure. Jetsetting models and travel bloggers have the best travel tips, and we're obsessed with following their packing recommendations and in-flight routines. We consider these our guides to packing only life's most stylish travel necessities.

But what about everything we shouldn't do? We thought long and hard about every beauty related mishap we've experienced while travelling, so you can heed these cautionary tales and ensure your upcoming travels will run smoothly.

Read on for the travel beauty mistakes you might be making, and how to prevent them.

Relying On Complimentary Shampoo & Conditioner

This one is simple: you've already spent an unfathomable amount of time and money testing shampoo and conditioner combinations to finally arrive at just the right products for your hair, so why abandon all that for a week of random hotel products? Let's face it, even the most beautiful, five-star hotel is unlikely to provide hair care products that cater to your specific needs. This is particularly important for those with colour-treated hair. Blondes, if this trip involves floating in the resort pool, the risk of green hair is real! Source travel-sized versions of your normal shampoo, like the trial size OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo ($4), or DIY your own by filling up little plastic travel containers.

Forgetting to Hydrate

While an itinerary of sun, salt water and sangrias sounds utterly perfect, it's also a sure-fire way to dehydrate your body—giving your hair and skin its own post-holiday blues once you're home. To counteract the effect of all that fun, pack an arsenal of super-hydrating products to start using as soon as you step on the plane. A great moisturising hand and body lotion is a must to keep your hands from drying out. We recommend one with a beautiful scent to get you in the holiday mood, like OGX Extra Creamy + Coconut Miracle Oil Ultra Moisture Lotion ($18). Also pack a face mask to lock moisture into your skin—try one with AHAs.

Ignoring Environmental Factors

The local weather is the first consideration when packing your holiday wardrobe, and it should be the same for your beauty bag. When it comes to hair, water quality should dictate your product selection. Hard water, which has higher mineral content than treated soft water, can take a toll on your hair if you are washing it regularly whilst on vacay. If that's the case, you might need to add a hair treatment or serum to your packing list.

Packing Your Entire Kit

The struggle is real when deciding which beloved beauty products come on holiday with you, and which ones stay home. But trust us, you won't use anywhere near as many products as you think. Treat your trip as an opportunity to trim back your routine to the essentials (weddings and other events permitting, of course) and skip steps like heat-styling your hair or baking your concealer. Our rule of thumb? Any product that can multi-task makes the cut. Comb a leave-in conditioner through your hair and slick it back into a bun, add a swipe of bright lipstick and you're ready for cocktail hour.

Putting Everything In Checked Luggage

This is another no-brainer, but it is worth repeating: don't put all your beauty eggs in one basket (or bag). No one ever thinks the airline will lose their luggage, until it does.

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